Don’t build websites with last decade’s technologies, build it with WebriQ JAM Stack.

Future-proof your website

The web is mobile, and every website is a web app and every web app is a website. Use a universal framework to build your future proof website and web app.

Modern web tech without the headache

Enjoy the power of the latest open-source web technologies – MongoDB, Javascript Content Framework, React.js, Webpack and CSS all glued together with API’s

We build with the data that you want and need

Through an embedded admin panel which has been built to be completely customizable to your data needs.

Static Progressive Web APPS

We only load the critical code and data so your site loads as fast as possible. Once loaded, we prefetch resources for other pages so clicking around sites feels incredibly fast.

Speed past the competition

We build the fastest possible websites. Instead of waiting to generate pages when requested, pre-build pages and lift them into a global cloud — ready to be delivered instantly to your users wherever they are.

Scale to the entire internet

Forget complicated deploys with databases and servers and their expensive, time-consuming setup costs, maintenance, and scaling fears. We build your sites as “static” files which can be deployed easily on a Content Delivery Network.

Our Building Blocks

A comprehensive Database (MongoDB) Service

A Javascript (Node.js) API Content Management Framework

A State of the Art Static Site Generator

An ultra-redundant global CDN

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About us

A diverse group of people coming from four continents with backgrounds in sales management, web design, open source web development, cloud based content management platforms and digital marketing.

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